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Boost Room Revenue Through Innovative Packages
November 23, 2012
Packages Are Popular
Current hospitality industry data shows that package deals account for one-third of total bookings. Guests often prefer package deals in the belief that they are enjoying a discount. In fact, a properly designed package boosts revenue by enticing the guests to purchase non-room items. Well-designed packages can also be an effective means of differentiating your hotel from competitors, and to discourage excessive shopping around by potential guests.
The Art of Packaging
Creating appealing hotel package deals as much an art as a skill. To create a unique market profile, a hotel should offer more than the family, honeymoon or singles packages. However, the time spent in designing a wide selection of packages, each appealing to highly specific market segment, will be amply rewarded when potential guests discover that your hotel offers exactly the mix of services and facilities they are looking for at a competitive price.
Local Interest
Many guests book a hotel room to attend a special sporting event, festival or concert. Event packages can include tickets, transportation to the venue, and take-away refreshment. Other packages can exploit unique characteristics of the hotel, like the architecture or history, as well as nearby places of interest. In all cases, the package should be heavily promoted through printed advertising, social media and blog updates, and other channels. Equally important is publishing of positive reviews by satisfied guests.
To learn more about creating and promoting effective hotel packages, visit www.pelicansolution.com or email info@pelicansolution.com. Remember, a package is more than just promotion.

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