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Pelican Launches Multilingual Back Office Interface
October 03, 2012

Pelican Solutions popular hotel back-office solution now offers user-selected options for the interface language.

Boost Productivity and Reduce Error
While the ability to communicate in more than one language is an essential skill for hotel front-line personnel, multilingual abilities are seldom a consideration in hiring staff to perform administrative or accounting functions. Pelicans recently launched interface-language localization function allows employees to interact with back-office applications in their preferred language, boosting productivity and reducing error.
Individual Language Selection
Each user may select their preferred language on login. Allowing staff to work in their own language increases efficiency, reduces training time, and encourages employees to explore the system and utilize the full potential of Pelican Solutions applications.
Fully Customizable Localization
Pelicans multilingual interface feature currently includes major Asian Languages, with many more to come. On request, Pelican Solutions will compile a localization package for additional languages.
Please contact info@pelicansolution.com or visit our www.pelicansolution.com for more information on how language localization of back-office applications can boost staff productivity.

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