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Don’t lose opportunity to sell your vacant room.
A Pelican feature alerts hotels of expiring offers
October 05, 2015
Considering the constantly intensifying competition in the hospitality sector, hotels cannot afford to lose any opportunity to sell a room night. Many hotels sell rooms through multiple distribution channels to lessen the chances of rooms going empty. Though multiple connections bring many benefits, keeping track of room rates and allotment expiration dates on many channels can be a challenge. Often, a hotel will forget to extend an expired listing, and so lose sales opportunities.
Automatic Alerts
Pelican is addressing this issue with the implementation of the “Alert System”, a feature to remind hotels of the upcoming expiry dates of their room-rate and package offers. The system sends automatic notification of rates, allotments, items for sale, and packages that will expire within the next three months.
Fuss Free Updating
These emails are more than a simple reminders of yet another task that must be completed. Each email contains a link to a password-protected online form where users can update all listings due to expire in one session, minimizing the drain of time and resources for these administrative chores.
Never Again Lose a Sales Opportunity
Dealing with multiple connections brings many benefits, but also many challenges. Keeping track of room rates and allotment expiration dates on many channels requires considerable back-office and resources.
An expired listing is a lost sales opportunity; and the Pelican Alert feature can minimize this risk. Our Alert feature is the latest proof of Pelican’s commitment to help hotels to Empower Direct Booking and maximize online revenue.
For more information on how the Alert System and other innovative features of the Pelican Hotel Booking Engine can help to streamline your back-office procedures and boost your revenue, please contact info@pelicansolution.com

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