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Lost business to OTA because of rate imparity? Not any more......
February 23, 2017
It is no secret that hotel official websites and OTA compete for direct access to travelers. The battle hinges on the most-sensitive point: price. As long as both sides honored rate-parity commitments, this was not an issue. But now, some OTA are willing to trim their price in order to get more bookings.
With rates distributed through so many channels, a hotel may not be aware of an OTA undercutting their rates. However, constant monitoring of multiple channels consumes valuable resources better applied to other areas.
Pelican, as a hotel’s e-commerce partner, has the solution: a new feature called RATE PARITY WATCHER. This feature will give hotels the following benefits:
  • Alert the hotel when an OTA is publicly undercutting their rates. Our system will do a weekly check and identify when any OTA offers a lower rate than the hotel’s rate on a particular date. It will also invite the hotel to update the rate on the extranet.
  • Maintain rate parity. By identifying OTA listing imparity, the hotel will more easily maintain rate parity.
  • Increase booking conversion rate by maintaining rate parity.
With this feature, a hotel need not be concerned with imparity issues and will see incremental increases in their booking conversion rate.
This feature is provided free of charge to Pelican partner members.
To learn more about how Pelican “Rate Parity Watcher” can help you to maintain your rate parity and increase your booking conversion rate, please contact us at: info@pelicansolution.com or visit www.pelicansolution.com

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