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Unlock the Full Potential of Pelican
Pelican launches an upgraded e-guideline to the booking engine
March 04, 2016
The Pelican Booking Engine is packed with powerful features designed to maximize revenue from online bookings. While users can learn and implement the basic features in minutes, unlocking the full potential of this advanced booking engine can take time and effort.
Now, Pelican has updated the e-guideline to flatten this learning curve. All users can access the e-guideline directly from the Pelican extranet, selecting the feature they would like to learn and apply in a short time. Each guide page is illustrated with one or more screen shots, and the guide is fully searchable.
Step-by-step guide to installation
The e-guideline will guide Pelican extranet users through each step of the setup process for modules comprising the Pelican extranet. This setup includes setting parameters for rates, allotments and availability that will automate many of the essential tasks related to both direct and agent or corporate bookings. The information required to complete each step is clearly explained and illustrated with screenshots.
Tips to maximize revenue
Besides assisting in basic installation, the e-guideline shows users how they can implement optional features to maximize room revenue. The e-guideline illustrates how to create non-room items, packages that can be modified in response to changing market conditions, and rates aimed at specific types of users.
Tips to increase direct booking from your website
A bonus section offers tips on how hotels can use the latest ecommerce trends and technology to maximize booking directly from their direct website.
The new e-guideline can now be accessed by all Pelican users through the Help section of the Pelican Back Office. Should you have any inquiries or wish more information about our e-guideline, please contact: support@pelicansolution.com

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